Much of the work we do is an exploration, an investigation on some level (life, work, love, and other things big and small).

Most of our work seeks to initiate a conversation (asking questions rather than providing presumptive answers).

It’s about process, understanding that everything is indeed a work in progress and how you nurture, inspire or sometimes simply listen is important.

We recently interviewed a group of student nurses to get their perspective on the challenge of healthcare and their own personal reasons for choosing nursing as a profession. We met scientists working on developing vaccines for HIV and Ebola. We collaborated with Johnson & Johnson on their sponsorship of the Global Citizen festival in Central Park this September.

These kinds of projects keep us connected to life and work in new ways.

spring is a group of writers, designers, filmmakers, and brand consultants. 

ultimately what we do is create human connections between a brand and the world, an organization and its people, and an idea and its potential.

our work spans storytelling in all its forms: films, social media, websites, event activations, ad campaigns, brand manifestos and operating guidelines.

spring was created by David Wecal and Antonia Ludes. David is a writer and film director, former advertising executive and client director of marketing. Antonia is a designer and creative director with a background in fashion and publishing both in the United States and Europe. Their diverse experience informs spring's approach and interests.

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